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FAQ - Audio Recorder

1. What is the limitation with Trial version and how to get full functions?

There is time limitation; you could only record within 2 minutes, and there are some noises during recording with the Trial version. You must purchase if you want to get the full version, all of limitations will be removed when you get the full version.
Just go to the official website and click” Buy Now” button to purchase, when you finish purchasing you will get an email with the registration code within 24 hours, then run the Camersoft Audio Recorder, enter your email address and the registration code, click "ok"; it is the full version at this time.

2. How can I get the perfect recorded Mp3 files?

1 You must run Camersoft Audio Recorder program firstly.
2 Run the browser , search youtube audios and play it.
3 Click “Record” button when you want to record.
4 Click “Stop” button when you want to stop.

3. Can Camersoft Audio Recorder record audio in the game?

Yes, it could record any voice of computer including audio from microphone, audio from video and audio from Game, etc.

4. Can Camersoft Audio Recorder record from two sources at the same time?

Yes, it can record audio from microphone and audio from the sound card at the same time

5. Where are my recordings located?

The default Path is C:\CamersoftOutput.But you can click “Change Folder” button when or before recording, and click “Select a location ”on your computer for the output audio files.

6.How can I know my recording is going on?

How can I know my recording is going on?

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