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FAQ - Fake Webcam

1. Can I switch between physical webcam and fake webcam while chatting?

No, you can not switch between physical webcam and fake webcam while chatting, you must cut off the video chat if you want to switch. But actually, there is nothing difference between them if you don't add effects, so you needn’t to switch, just delete the effects.

2. Can I play video in the fake webcam?

Yes, the second button on the top left is enable you add video file and play it in the fake webcam, and you could also record this video.

3. Is there any limitation with the free trial version?

Yes, there is watermark on the middle of the video screen, but the purchased full version doesn't have any limitations.

4. I have a very old version of Fake Webcam and when I upgrade it does not upgrade properly. How do I upgrade?

Please follow the step by steps to upgrade to latest version
a. Uninstall current version of Camersoft Fake Webcam.
b. Download the newest version from, just click “Free Trial”.
c. Enter the old registration code.

5. How to choose webcam resource?

To choose webcam resources please click on the first button on the top-left.

6. Can I paint and take snapshot while recording?

Yes, click the button which is next to the stop button and looks like a camera for taking snapshot and click the blue button which is on the top right for painting.

7. Why could not see the face effect sometimes?

Please attention:
1 to add face effects you must make the webcam toward to your front face
2 the light in your room must be moderate.

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