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FAQ - Screen Recorder

1. How to choose the right recording mode?

There are three recording buttons in Camersoft Screen Recorder: Record Full Screen, Record a Fixed Region, Select Your Custom Region. What recording mode you need? It depends on what activity on the screen you want to record. The “Select Your Custom Region” button is the most used, but for making software demonstrations, video presentations or tutorials, you absolutely would choose the “Full Screen Button”, and for recording one chat video windows the “Record Fixed Region” is better for you, and for recording videos like youtube video I think “ Custom Region” is your best choice.

2. Is there any difference between trial version and full version?

There is time limitation with the trial version; you could only record 2 minutes or so with the trial version, you would get the full version after purchased, and the time limitation will be removed.

3. How to upgrade the software to the latest version?

Paid users are entitled to upgrade the software to the latest version for FREE. Just download the new version from the official website and install the new version to replace the old version. All versions recognize the registration key stored in your computer.

4. Why can't I record sound?

To record sound you must run the screen recorder first, start the program which you want to record later. For example, you want to record youtube videos; you must start the screen recorder first, open an Internet Explorer later and search the youtube video you want to record, recording the video with Camersoft Screen Recorder, and you would get sound in your video.

5. How do I un-install the software?

You can un-install the program from the control panel.
1. From the Start Menu, select Control Panel.
2. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
3. Select the program you wish to remove and click the Remove button

6. Where to find the recorded video files?

The default save path is C:\CamersoftOutput.

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