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FAQ - Skype Recorder

1. How long a record can Camersoft Skype Recorder save?

Camersoft Skype Recorder can record as long as you want. If you have enough hard disk space, the recording length is virtually unlimited.

2. What video format by default does Camersoft Skype Rcorder support?

Camersoft Skype Rcorder can capture Skype webcam video and audio and save as AVI files on your PC.

3. Can I replay records without launching Skype?

The records are saved as AVI files on your PC, so you can surely replay them any time as you want.

4. Why I have an echo of my callers' voice in call records?

Try the following to eliminate please.
A. If using an external microphone and speakers
    a. Lower volume of speakers
    b. Move the microphone further away from the speakers
    c. Switch to a headset or USB phone
B. If using a laptop microphone and speakers, use a headset or USB phone instead. Since laptop microphone and speakers are fixed close together, they will usually cause echo and feedback. Most laptop computers tend to have mediocre speakers and microphones, so a headset or USB phone will greatly improve the sound quality, in addition to eliminating echo.

5. During calling my partners can hear me clearly, but in recordings, my voice is very thin.

Camersoft Skype Rcorder does not change volume of neither your voice nor your partners' voice. When you are on a call, you may use a very low volume for your microphone. Since your call partners can at the other end adjust your voice until he/she can hear you clearly. While Camersoft Skype Rcorder does not do such an adjustment. To avoid this problem, please try to volume up your microphone. Ding this may cause a too loud voice at your parters' side, but they can volume down their speaker to avoid the problem.

6. A pop up window “Skype is not in calling” opens when I click “Record”, while video being done.

You could restart your computer to solve this problem. If still cannot, then uninstall Camersoft Skype Rcorder and reinstall it.

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