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FAQ - Video Converter

1. Can I rename the output file name?

Yes, double click the file name in your destination file, and rename it.

2. Can I input audios?

Sure, Camersoft Video Converter could convert not only video but also audio files.

3. My movie is with black margin, which takes much room in my cell phone's screen. Can I get rid of them?

No problem. Just click “Crop” button and choose the item you want by “Zoom Mode” and “Crop Mode”, or directly adjust the values below them for a precise cropping.

4. How can I get a smaller file size to save space?

Time duration and bitrate decide the file size. You may try to adjust these parameters for a smaller file size. The shorter the time duration, the smaller the file size is. The lower the bitrate, the smaller the file size is. However, the video quality may be worse. If with a lower bitrate, please do some test conversions for a proper video codec.

5. Can I convert Flash Video like FLV to play on iPod?

Of course, you can. Camersoft Video Converter supports converting during many popular formats MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC, etc.

6. I want to convert video to another resolution. How to do?

You may enter your specific resolution value directly in the value box of "Resolution" in "Options" panel.

7. If I want to crop certain part of the frame, what shall I do?

The edit function in our program will solve it. First of all, you must highlight the title that you want to crop. And then please click the "Crop" button. In the following dialog-box, you can define the crop area by entering the definite values or dragging the control points around the preview screen. Besides the crop function, you can modify other things, such as Contrast, Brightness and other effects on frame.

8. Which output format is the best to get the smaller size with better quality if I want to backup my video on my PC?

Generally speaking, we recommend AVI format. The default codec for AVI in our program is DivX which can provide better quality, as well as smaller output size. If you just want to backup your video files on your hard drive, AVI is enough.

9. Which profile should I choose for my PSP?

It depends on the model and the version of its firmware. Only higher version can support AVC output and 480x272 output files. If you are using the early version and model, you’d better only use "PSP Video MPEG-4 (*.mp4) "profile.

10. Could I convert WMV to ASF so that I can stream it with a Windows Media Server?

There is no need to convert WMV to ASF. Windows Media Server supports WMV files perfectly. WMV is a more advanced format than ASF, and ASF is a previous version of WMV.

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