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FAQ - Webcam Captur

1. Is Camersoft Webcam Capture free software, and is there any limitation?

Yes, Camersoft Webcam Capture is totally free; there is not limitation with Camersoft Webcam Capture.

2. How long could it record video? May I use it to monitor my room?

There is not time limitation, you can record as long as you want to record but make sure that you have enough storage space. Camersoft Webcam Capture can work as the webcam monitor, so you may use it to monitor your room.

3. When I am in video call with my friend, could I use the webcam capture at the same time?

Sorry , you can not use Camersoft Webcam Capture when you are in video call because your webcam is occupied,you must stop the video call before you used Camersoft Webcam Capture.

4. What is the difference of Webcam Capture and Webcam Recorder product?

Camersoft Webcam Recorder can record both video and audio, it enable you to add effects and paint on the webcam video, you need to purchase license code if you want to get the full version.
Camersoft Webcam Capture is free software.

5. How to play the recorded video files?

The default path is C:\CamersoftOutput.

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