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FAQ - Webcam Recorder

1. Is there any differences between trial version and full version?

Yes. There is time limitation. You could only record within two minutes with the trial version. You must purchase if you want to get the full version, the limitation will be removed when you get the full version. Just go to the official website and click” Buy Now” button to purchase, when you finish purchasing you will get an email with the registration code within 24 hours, then run the Camersoft Audio Recorder, enter your email address and the registration code, click “ok”; it is the full version at this time.

2. Can I record the online webcam video with Camersoft Webcam Recorder?

Sorry, you can not. Camersoft Webcam Recorder is use for recording local webcam video; it works like a DV or VCR that records your own video. For example, recording your room show and upload the recorded videos onto Youtube.

3. Why can’t my friend see my image when I am having video call while I am recording video with Camersoft Webcam Recorder?

Because your webcam is occupied by Camersoft Webcam Recorder,you must closed Camersoft Webcam Recorder before you have a video call if you want your friend see you.

4. How can I record audio with Camersoft Webcam Recorder?

Camersoft Webcam Recorder records audio from microphone, so please make sure that there is a microphone inserted into your computer before recording webcam video.

5. What video resource does Camersoft Webcam Recorder support?

Camersoft Webcam Recorder supports inserted webcam and USB webcam.

6.Are there any features compare with other webcam recorder programs.

Yes, Camersoft Webcam Recorder is enable you add effects (Animation, Distortions, Filters, Scenes, Frames effects, etc.) and also enable you to paint on your webcam video during recording.

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