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FAQ - Yahoo Video Recorder

1. Is there a maximum recording time?

Certainly not, you can record Yahoo video and audio as long as you want.

2. What is the difference between free trial version and registered version?

The recording time of free trial version is two minutes limit, but the registered version doesn't have any limitations. So is the converting time.

3. Why is there no audio recorded?

To make sure that audio can be recorded, you need run Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder first. And then, start your Yahoo! Messenger.

4. Can I share my recorded video with others on YouTube website?

Of course you can. You should select format “Youtube Video (* flv)” to convert your video after finishing recording.

5. Why the other side audio can not be recorded?

Firstly, make sure you can hear his/her voice when recording, and then check you are using the latest version. By failing either of these, you may change another player to try.

6. When I click “Convert” button, Camersoft Video Converter UI pops up. Could I pay extra for that?

Certainly not, it’s free for you after you purchased Yahoo Video Recorder. That means once you purchase Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder, you will get the full Camersoft Video Converter tool at the same time.

7. This Yahoo Video Recorder prompt me to quit my Yahoo! Messenger when I begin recording.

It’s surely happened when you start your Yahoo! Messenger first. To make sure you can record successfully, you should quit it. Then start your Yahoo! Messenger and video call after launching Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder.

8. If Yahoo! Messenger provides a method to record yahoo messenger webcam chat?

It’s very pity that there is no method available in Yahoo! Messenger for ym webcam recording. It’s an easy way to use the third-party record yahoo messenger chat software, like our professional Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder.

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