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Tutorial - Camersoft Audio Recorder

1. Download and install

2. Record any audio of PC

3. Play the recorded audio file


Camersoft Audio Recorder is powerful and professional sound recording tool, which could record all audio source of your PC, including microphone, Media Player, online streaming audio, MSN voice chat, Skype video call, and many other different IM. The most specific feature of Camersoft Audio Recorder is that it could record all sound with perfect quality. Below is a simple user guide which you could follow easily to record any sound you need.

Part one: How to download and install Camersoft Audio Recorder?
You may download this wonderful software from:
And run the setup to install it.
If you are using Windows 7 or Vista OS, the installation process would be a little different from Windows    XP. We suggest you to follow below sample to install it successfully.

The first Case:
These belong to "User Account Control" question. You may select "Allow – I trust this program. I know    where it’s from or I’ve used it before."
Similar tooltips will appear several times, you may select "Allow" for all.
The second case:
This tips for your installing drive, you may select "Install this driver software anyway".
Other cases, you may select the default setting as same as the Windows XP users in the installation    process.

Part Two: How to use Camersoft Audio Recorder to record audio.
For example, you want to record your MSN chat during the video or audio call.
Please make sure to startup Camersoft Audio Recorder first and then start your MSN call.
Tips: With the trial version, the audio will be added with some noise. After testing or trying the    recording, you could exit the audio recorder then the noise would be disappearing. You could purchase    the software and register with your license code, the noise would disappear.

Step1: Click "Record" button to start recording audio and the black box on the bottom of UI will show the recorded time.
Tips: If you don’t want to mix microphone sound during recording process, you may uncheck the check box before "Record microphone sound". It indicates that the audio recorder only record the audio played by the sound card in such case.

Step2: After a while, click "Stop" button and you could see the recorded audio file displayed in the list.

Step3: After recording, you could play the files with your audio player software, like Windows Media Player or other players installed on your PC. Click the "Open folder" button you could find the audio files. And if you want to set another folder to save the recorded audio, just click the "Change Folder" button and select a new directory you want.

 Camersoft Audio Recorder can also help you to record the audio played by Windows Media Player and other Music or Video player software. It also works as Skype Recorder, MSN Recorder, Yahoo Messenger Recorder, etc. If you have any issue, feature request or suggestion regarding Camersoft, please feel free to contact us via the e-mail address: We will reply as soon as possible.

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