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Tutorial - Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder

1. Download and install

2. Record Yahoo Messenger video chat.

3. handle the recorded files.


Yahoo Messenger is an IM tool. It is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic "Yahoo ID" which also allows access to other Yahoo services, such as Yahoo Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email. Yahoo Messenger also offers PC-PC, PC-Phone and Phone-to-PC service, file transfers, text messaging service, webcam video chat, etc.

Yahoo Messenger is not unlike many other messenger programs out there. It allows you to chat with your friends, go to chat rooms, maintain a buddy list and talk over a webcam. Inherently, there is no way to record a video conversation using Yahoo Messenger alone. However, by downloading a video recorder program, you can give yourself the ability to record webcam video. These programs are easy to use and install and they save a video for you to watch at any time.

The “video call “function is the most used by people, because you can have text message or voice talking and the most important is you can see each other when you are having video chat, many people want to record the great time, for example: you would have birthday for your lovely daughter every year, but you can not be with her at her birthday because of business this year, then you can see her eating a birthday cake by Yahoo Messenger video call,and record the special time for her.

If you had been looking for a software which allows you to record calls or voice chats made on Yahoo Messenger, Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder allows you to so.

Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder is a professional video recorder tool that records video on Yahoo Messenger when you are having video chat with your friend; it records both video and audio, and saves the recorded video as .avi video file so that you can review. Now this article will step by step show you how to handle this professional Yahoo Video Recorder.

Step1: Download and install
Free to download Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder from:
, install it.
Please restart your computer after installing.

Step2:Record Yahoo Messenger video chat.

1. To make sure that the audio can be recorded please run Camersoft Yahoo Video Recorder first.

2. Run Yahoo Messenger program.

3. When Yahoo Messenger loads, click on the friend you want to talk to, and then click on the “Video Call” icon to start a webcam conversation

4. Click “Auto-Select Region” button to begin to record your video chat; this will begin recording both the video and audio of the video conversation you are having.


Or Click “Custom Region” and frame a windows you want to record.




When recording you will see the clock is running on the bottom left



Click “Stop” button to stop recording video chat. If you do not click “stop” after the conversation has ended, it will continue recording

Step3:handle the recorded files.
The recorded files will appear in the list when stop recording. Double-click the list; you can watch the recorded video files. Click “Open Folder” button and the folder kept the video files will be opened. The default path is C:/CamersoftOutput. If you thought the recorded video is not perfect and you want to edit it, just download Camersoft Video converter from . It is a wonderful video edit program especially when working with Camersoft recorder tools, because it could convert the recorded AVI to many other video formats, and it also enables you crop, trim your video and add effects to your video.  You can handle it just as you please, for example: share these recorded files with your friends or upload it onto some video sites like Youtube.


 If you have any issue, feature request or suggestion regarding Camersoft, please feel free to contact us via the e-mail address: We will reply as soon as possible.

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