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How to Upload Video to YouTube?

YouTube has become the world's largest video-sharing website that lots of people visit YouTube as a daily routine. This article includes two parts to guide you how to upload video to YouTube.
YouTube Video Formats Requirement
A video file should meet the following requirements so that it can be uploaded to YouTube site.

1. In an acceptable format: WMV, MPEG4, MOV, AVI and MPEG.
2. Video length is shorter 10 minutes.
3. File size is smaller than 1GB.


Upload Video to YouTube Site

If you are sure that a video file meets the above requirements, you can just follow the easy steps below to upload it to YouTube:
1. Sign up a YouTube account or Gmail account, then click the Upload button on YouTube web page.
2. Type in the information of your video file, including title, description, category and tags. To increase the chances that your video can be easily found, you should put as much information as possible.



3. Set this video to be public or private.
4. Click "Upload a video". When you see the next window, click "Browse" to select the video file you want to upload. Then click "Upload Video" to upload it. After the upload is finished, you will see the completion page.
5. Click "My Videos" and you will see the figure below:


Here you can view the information of the uploaded videos. YouTube allows you to edit your videos using the four Edit buttons: "Edit Video Info", "Edit Annotation", "Make a Profile icon" and "Insight".